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The Best of Ao Nang Discussed

Ao Nang is a section of the Krabi area in Thailand. Over the past few years, it’s become something of a hot spot for tourists who enjoy its beaches and outdoor activities. Unlike other parts of Krabi that remain popular with backpackers and tourists who enjoy being away from popular destinations, Ao Nang is quite different. There are plenty of restaurants to enjoy and tourist agencies and programs who can set you up with a number of activities for a single day or a week. Some of the must-see places and things to do in Ao Nang are listed here.

Klook Tree Top Adventure

There’s nothing quite like taking a zipline tour of a jungle. At Klook Tree Top Adventure, you can do just that. This zipline experience is located in the Ao Luek area of Ao Nang. Visitors can pay for a half-day excursion, or a full-day, depending on how much time they want to explore the jungle from above. Ziplining is a perfectly safe method of getting around, especially since Klook Tree Top Adventure has a mandatory helmet and safety harness policy. You’ll be able to see the surrounding forest from a unique vantage point.

Spend Some Time Rock Climbing

While rock climbing isn’t for amateurs or the faint of heart, if this is something that you have some experience with, then you’ll enjoy one of the rock climbing excursions in Ao Nang. There are two main rock climbing companies to choose from in Ao Nang – Tha Lane Bay Discovery Tour and Ao Nang Climbers. Both offer introductory courses for those who haven’t rock climbed before. Rock climbing provides you with interesting views of the landscape (especially once you get to the top) and you’ll have plenty of fun arriving there.

Go Scuba Diving

It really isn’t a trip to Thailand unless you’ve gone scuba diving. There are dozens of underwater treasures to explore, including the site of the King Cruiser Wreck, the Shark Point Marine Sanctuary, and Phi Phi Marine National Park. You’ll see manta rays, sharks, many tropical fish, beautiful coral reefs, and, of course, the remains of the King Cruiser. If you’ve never been scuba diving before, you’ll have to take a short course through one of the many scuba purveyors in the area. However, the underwater sights make the course worth it. There is no shortage of scuba diving locations in the waters off of Ao Nang, and there are around a dozen companies to choose from that offer excursions.

Buy a Custom-Made Suit

Seriously. There are plenty of shops in Ao Nang, Thailand that sell everything from standard tourist fare list postcards and keychains to those that can construct an entire custom-made suit in around 24 hours. Yes, the same time of wool fabric custom suits that can cost thousand elsewhere sell for a mere $200 in this part of Thailand. You can get custom-made dress shirts as well for a fraction of the price. Make sure that you’ve saved some room in your luggage for all of the clothing and souvenirs that you’ll bring back with you.

Visit Rai Leh

This is a fairly remote beach located only 15 minutes away from Ao Nang by boat. Rai Leh is a beach on a unique island filled with warm sand and cool rock formations. There’s also a mangrove forest to wander, and a kayak rental service near the island. You can paddle your way around parts of the island, seeing the land from the water. Of course, you can also spend your time lounging on a towel on the beach as well. You won’t regret that part of your trip to Thailand.

Eat Like a Local

Between the Muslim-style street food and the many restaurants in Ao Nang, you won’t go hungry. There are plenty of options available no matter your budget. Look for places selling traditional Thai dishes, thom yum and seafood. However, if you still prefer western food, you’ll be able to find it here. Other popular stops include an all you can eat BBQ restaurant, as well as a number of local bars that sell alcoholic beverages and offer live entertainment in the form of music.

Although Ao Nang has become a heavily touristed destination, the best thing about Thailand is that it’s so easy to explore. If you go slightly outside of the area, you’ll be able to go ziplining through the jungle, go rock climbing, and even scuba dive around an old shipwreck. The tourism means that you’ll have plenty of places to shop and eat, and might even able to catch a local band playing in a bar in the evening. You definitely won’t be bored in this section of Krabi, Thailand. Ao Nang is certainly the place to visit.

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