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Book The Best Costa Rican Birding Tours By Destination

Bird watching in Costa Rica is on a completely different level than the rest of the world. The Republic of Costa Rica features 800+ bird species, and over a dozen of them are endangered. Have you ever laid eyes on a scarlet macaw? The Quetzal is another popular favorite. When birding in Costa Rica, there are refuges, bird sanctuaries, other top individual wildlife destinations and combined tours. What are the best tours for seeing birds in Costa Rica?

All-Inclusive Tour Option

With such diverse options for tours and birdwatching, why not do it all? Birding Costa Rica Tours is one of your options. When you go this route, you can show up in the country with your guide waiting for you at the airport. They will take care of your lodging, and you are set for a birdwatching and sightseeing adventure that lasts for six days. Expect to see hundreds of bird species and many different locations throughout the Republic of Costa Rica, including Playa del Rey and Villa Nueva.

A man by the name of Johan Fernandez is your expert guide, and his knowledge of the bird species in Costa Rica is phenomenal according to reviews. Knowing where to look for all the birds makes for a better experience, and that is why you want the best tour guide in the business. Have you ever seen a Ferruginous Pygmy Owl? Get ready to lay your eyes on all types of exotic birds that you’ve never seen before.

A Natural Wonder – Monteverde Cloud Forest

If you go on a birdwatching tour in Costa Rica, it doesn’t get any better than Monteverde Cloud Forest. Make your way through one of the natural wonders of Costa Rica and its many ecological zones. Not only are you going to see many unique exotic bird species, but you are going to see all kinds of plant life, too.

The Quetzal was mentioned in a previous paragraph, and Monteverde Cloud Forest is one place that you can see the Resplendent Quetzal. It’s easy to spot their brilliant and very bright feathers. When preparing to take a birding tour through this popular cloud forest in Costa Rica, the Monteverde Reserve Hike is a great choice. Two other excellent choices are the Santa Elena Reserve Hike and the Vida Silvestre Refuge Bird Watching.

Book A Room At La Selva Biological Station

This biological station is a great place to start your birding adventure in Costa Rica. Located along Highway 4, La Selva Biological Station features comfortable rooms and a guided tour. The great green macaw is one of the exotic bird species that you get to see there. Just like the cloud forest in the last section is known for its plant life on top of seeing hundreds of bird species, this biological station is known for other wildlife aside from the birds. You get to see howler monkeys and all kinds of animals, even wild pigs.

Have you seen a keel-billed toucan before? They are absolutely gorgeous. La Selva Biological Station hosts many scientists and students, and it is a wonderful way to see many of the bird species in Costa Rica. Remember, there are over 800 of them, and you want to see as many as possible during your birding adventures. La Selva combines forest reserve with eco-tourism, and yes, there is a research station, too. Explore over 500 acres and have the birdwatching adventure of a lifetime.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This national park is known just as much for its wildlife as it is the many exotic bird species that are there, just like La Selva Biological Station. Are you ready to see a Motmot? The diverse landscape of this national park makes for beautiful scenery and quite the adventure. You’re going to see birds in the rainforest, in the mountains and on the beaches. The scarlet macaw is another bird that is often seen in this national park.

Take the Santa Juana Bird Watching Tour, or the Manuel Antonio National Park Hike, or both! While there at the national park, you can also enjoy other activities like snorkeling and kayaking. Both of those adventures are found on the beaches of course. You’re going to get to see all kinds of exotic wildlife in person, especially the birds of Costa Rica, and you want to make sure you get plenty of pictures, too.

Travel The Osa Peninsula

When looking to find all the best bird species in Costa Rica, traveling the Osa Peninsula is a splendid idea. You are going to find great lodging options and restaurants there, too, as well as plenty of other things to do. It is where Proyecto Asis is located, and Vic-Tours is another popular choice. There is also Playa Hermosa and the Butterfly Conservatory. According to one source, you have a total of 82 different nature and wildlife tours available to you when visiting the Osa Peninsula.

The Curi Cancha Reserve and the Arenal Oasis Wildlife Refuge are two more of your options. While you’re in the area, make sure you check out the Venado Caves, too. One thing you are going to notice about the Osa Peninsula is its beautiful rainforests. They are mostly undisturbed, meaning the wildlife are truly in their natural habitat. When looking for the best experience on the Osa Peninsula, you might start with the Lapa Rios Ecolodge, where you can book the Early Bird Tour.

Some other popular birdwatching places of interest in Costa Rica include Palo Verde National Park, La Paz Waterfall Gardens and the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. Another important place to mention is Santa Juana, specifically because you can see the red capped manakin there. When considering all of these top birdwatching destinations in Costa Rica, remember to think about booking all-inclusive tours like the one mentioned in the beginning. You want to make it to as many places as possible and see as many exotic bird species as possible. The best tours for seeing birds in Costa Rica are just a click away, at Costa Rica Focus – summer specials.