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Boana Torre Malibu in Puerto Vallarta; a gorgeous gay and ‘hetero-friendly’ getaway

Unfortunately, we live in a very controversial world, and fingers are pointed at anyone just slightly different from the crowd. Being a homosexual openly is particularly difficult with all the inappropriate staring and meaningful judging. What if I tell you, there is a stunning gay condo-hotel destination, where you can get away from those judgmentaleyes, that are too stubborn to allow themselves to embrace someone with a different point of view.

Boana Torre Malibu in Puerto Vallarta is one of the largest gay condo-hotel resorts, that also welcomes heterosexuals, and it is conveniently situated near the well-known Playa Los Muertos; a globally famous gay beach. And that is not the only appealing feature of this lovely getaway destination, only a couple of steps from thehotel, there are numerous pubs and restaurants, promising a vibrant nightlife.

The gay condo-hotel

This is a hotel that does not accommodate only gay people, but is also friendly to any hetero visitor that would like to relax at this amazing place. Boana Torre Malibu offers a great selection of condos, that are not equipped like the simple hotel rooms you might be used to. These are the kind of suites that can take your breath away and they top it up with the stunning ocean view. They consist of a nice bedroom, a balcony, and a kitchen, so if you do not like eating out, you are able to make your own dinner. There are two bathrooms in one condo, for the real feel of luxury. You are provided with air conditioning and a safety box, where you can store your valuables. If you are traveling with more than one friend, there is no problem getting a two-bedroom condo, so that everybody can enjoy a little privacy. And if you are not a fan of the sea, there is a big swimming pool just waiting to be dived in; this is also the biggest gay swimming pool in Puerto Vallarta.

The staff at Boana Torre Malibu is very approachable, friendly and always available, should there be something you need. Besides English, they also speak French and Spanish, and they are there exclusively to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

For the more adventures type, there is a long line of gay tours, cruises, and excursions that are available every day. You can go sailing or horseback riding, and even take a shot at the zip line and fly board. In the evening there is dancing and partying, so there really is no time to be bored at all.

Gay hotel Puerto Vallarta really is a true gay sanctuary, where all the worries of the world just melt away and the vacation of your dreams takes place. So do not wait any longer, and book one of the many fabulous condos at this beautiful resort. Find the necessary contact information on the official website of Boana Torre Malibu and take a great gay vacation.