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 Holi in Rajasthan Colorful & Absolutely Wonderful

Celebrations of holy in Rajasthan is a feat in themselves. It is a festival filled with Colors, and is one among the most popularly celebrated festivals in India. People don’t white clothes, young people seek blessings from the elder ones and spread Colors through jet sprays, water guns and even water balloons. Matthi, gujiya are the famous sweets that are prepared during the festival. There are also beverages such as Bhang and thandai to take the festival to the next level.

This festival is celebrated as a remembrance of Prince Prahlad’s victory over Holika, the evil. A day before holi, there are bonfires set up, and you get to see people dance around, to celebrate good over bad.

Rajasthan is popular for the royal holi celebrations all across the country. You can see the celebrations up close with one of our Jaipur holiday packages or Rajasthan holiday packages. The occasion of Holi starts first with Holika Dahan, which is the eve of Holi. Here is where you can witness the folk dances around the bonfire. This is certainly something you can’t miss since it will give you a sneak peek of the rich culture that is hidden in every corner of a diverse beautiful country that India is.

In Udaipur, a famous city in Rajasthan, this is followed by vibrant and huge rally, which will have the royal members of the royal family sitting up on decorated camels, while there will be horses and elephants. You can also witness music bands playing in the rally. This procession kick starts from Shambhu Niwas palace and goes up to the royal residence, Manek Chowk. This is later followed by dinner that is served in the royal palace. This celebration ends with huge display of fireworks.

The next day, you get to rejoice Holi everywhere in the city. In many parts of Udaipur, the locals play using wet and dry Colors, balloons filled with colored water and others. The traditional sweets and drinks shall be savored by everyone during the entire play. All the resort’s and hotels will make set ups for Holi celebrations along with live vibrant DJ, along with the refreshments. You can see little kids dressed as Radha and Krishna, and play around!

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