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Look at resort as a destination for honeymoon

Presently, youngsters love to experiment. They think out of the box and try something different. Virushka wedding and theme wedding are just an example to name. Gone are the days, when the newly wedded couple looked for solitary places for their honeymoon. They prefer choosing a place that could help them explore their likings and at the same time encourage them to actively participate in their partner’s interest so that they share a strong bond in future. Given to this fact, resorts near Kanakpura are emerging as an excellent honeymoon destination.

The resort is loaded with multiple things that it promises you complete holiday satisfaction. The place has loads of gaming activities to keep you engaged with. You may be an adventure lover and your partner a nature lover. At Masinagudi resorts and Home stays you will have more than your limited choices. Rappelling, Parasailing, Paraglyding is just a few to name activities for thrill-seekers. Enjoy these activities and let your partner click your endless picture or how about going live on Facebook?

Walk down the narrow path with your spouse and watch the beauty of sunshine. This way you get to know your partner more closely as to what are his/her likes and dislikes. By helping each other in their favorite activity, built on a strong faith and sense of belonging among the couples. Wonderful flora are just apt for clicking mesmerizing picture that will add zing to your life, thus making a straight way to your heart whenever you see the pictures in the future.

If you both look for some different experience like complete forest feel then jungle resorts in Kabini are all ready with tents and cottages where you can spend the memorable time of your life. The resort gives you an opportunity of collecting rare information on wild animals. Sharing the same interest open up new ways for you in different ways. Enjoy bare footed walk on green grass and plan for your future.

Located at the outskirts of the Silicon Valley, residing amidst tranquility, the place helps you shed off your wedding tiredness. With all those heavy, clothes, Jewellery and makeup you must be feeling exhausted. Let your skin breathe fresh air that prevails around the resort and soak in the very much needed peace after wedding rituals. What could possibly be a good start of wedded life if not paying a visit to a temple?

There are many temples that people love to visit. The hill resort is known for its popular Lord Shiva- Parvati temple as well. Pay your tribute and start your new life. All necessary arrangements to temple are made by helpful staff. Travel to temple and relax in the cottages of the resort and relish lip smacking food. The food is tasty because of its wonderful feature: organically grown.